Adbusters, who sparked Occupy Wall Street and Buy Nothing Day, is doing their next big campaign called #MindBombs. Bob Hunter coined the terms “Mind Bombs” as a means of using broadcast media (or media tools in general) as a tool for change to spark a consciousness revolution. Appropriately today, Adbusters is trying to take back the media, to once again be used a a tool for change. Currently, they are crowdfunding to raise enough money for adds that will attack Harper on CBC Hockey Night on his pro-oil and fossil fuel agenda. As well, the next attack add is aimed at criminal mega-corporations like Shell to be broadcasted on CNN.

But there is more, they say this is the “start of a new movement.” They want to create their own crowdfunding platform to help media activists who “speak truth to power.” So let the next generation of “Mind Bombs” begin! With less than two weeks to go in their first crowdfund campaign, we put our support behind the initiative. So check out to see how you can help make this project a reality!

Here’s their campaign video for more: